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NIDEYCO LLC was  founded by Don Nidey in June of 2012.   Don Nidey was in the greenhouse manufacturing and sales business for over 40 years.  After retirement, he started working part-time at a retail nursery.  The trees were his biggest problem.  
They were always on the ground.  He would pick them up,  put the soil back in the pot and water them.  By the time he was finished, they were falling over again.   He knew there had to be a way to keep them standing.   This is how NIDEYCO LLC was born.  He and his son, Brett Nidey, designed the  Tree Pallet   They designed it to keep the trees and plants standing and organized to be more attractive to customers.

NIDEYCO LLC is family-owned and operated  in Victoria, TX.  
Here is our tree pallet with dimensions of 9" height, 56 " width, 70" length.  It has three rows with four openings that will hold either  a 5 or 7 gallon pot.  When not in use they can be easily stacked to save space.
NEW!! Now we will also have this tree pallet with  two rows with six openings on each row that will  hold either  5 or 7  gallon pots.  Dimensions are 9" height, 35.125" width, 96" length.  Now you have two pallets to choose from so that you can display your trees or plants in different ways depending on the space in your nursery.